About Me

I would like to welcome you to my website Devcoder. My name is Lee Haynes, I am a Web Developer seeking an appropriate position. 

My ambition is to work for an east midlands based company that is looking for a motivated and enthusiastic developer, with the aim to grow with the company, I am happy to work part-time, full time, temporary, or contractual so am very flexible.

I reside in the East Midlands and until recently I worked in security. In late December (2018), I decided that I had enough of working in security, so, I made a very conscious decision to make a career change, and decided to return to the information technology industry.

The only decision I had to make was what was I going to do. This prompted me to ask myself several questions

1. What did I enjoy the most when I previously worked in technology?
2. What transferable skills did I have, that I could transfer back into the technology sector?
3. Being disabled what realistically was I physically able to do?

So, after much thought, the answer was very clear, I wanted to return to the field of programming.

The next question was,

1. what is the most popular language to learn?

2. what was the learning curve?

3. what will have the most longevity?

So, to find the answers, I did what many other people do, I browsed the web.

And the most common development platform was Full Stack development.

HTML Certification Exam Prep Resuslt
HTML Exam Prep 11/12/2019

Above is a copy of my first exam quiz on the W3 Schools website. This is my first attempt at the mock-test (HTML Quiz). I am hoping to one-day gain my W3 School HTML Certification