This is a showcase of all my projects that I have completed.

In this video I want to showcase my latest project, a complete Shopify site. This site was developed so that I can both improve my skills and experience in Shopify, but, also to showcase my ability to build a full e-Commerce site in Shopify.

Shopify Store Project

Remove Powered By Shopify

In this video I am answering a video on how to remove the powered by Shopify from your store, I did some research to see what the best option was before creating this video, because as many technical users know there is always more than one way to complete the same task, this was my way.

Remove Powered By Shopify

Shopify Adding and Removing Sections

In this short video I will show how easy it is to add and remove a section from a Shopify store. This is from a draft test Shopify site, so will look slightly different from some other Shopify Videos on this page. But the concept is still the same regardless of the Shopify site you are building.

Adding and Removing Shopify Sections

Shopify – Footer Slide Gallery

It his video I am demonstrating how to add images and text, as well as a call to action button in Shopify.

Shopify Footer Area

Shopify Newsletter

This was one of the biggest problems that I faced when first starting with Shopify, and to that end I decided to create this video first. I hope help others with the same problems.

Getting started with the newsletter

Shopify Testing Gateway

Shopify – Placing a test order

Placing a test order