Welcome to my video page. I have created and added a selection of videos. If you one in particular, then drop me an email. I will periodically be updating this page so please feel free to visit again in the future.

Secure Email Using GMail

In this video we will have a look at using the secure time option when sending an email. The aim of the video is to show how you can set up a more secure email option requiring the recipient to use a pass-code to open and read the email, reducing the chance of email interception.

A Onetime Self Destructive Message

In this video I am looking at privnote. It is a onetime self-destructive website. But, this is by no means the only self destructive website you can find online.

What exactly is a Self Destructing Email

The are many others and a quick google search is all it takes. If you do a simple google search, and search for one time emails, self destructive email, then you will find that there are many providers out there, whilst there are many legitimate uses for this type of email, sadly there are many that will misuse and abuse theses types of sites

Kaspersky & VB.Net Temp Workaround

This is not an ideal solution, but, can be used if you are unable to run a test script in Visual Studio 2017.

This is a short video that can be a temp work around if you are experiencing an issue when running VB.Net scripts if the exclusion list isn’t working in kaspersky Total Security .

This is not the best way, but, if a script is unable to run, then you can use this technique just to run the script short term. The best method is to set up exclusions, and will create a video for this.

Bottle Spy Camera

This is one of my covert surveillance that I have made a video on. This bottle is capable of capturing both audio and video.

The Worlds Smallest Camera

This camera it is no bigger than a pound coin butter is full HD 1920 x 1080. This is a scary concept, it like most cameras can record both audio and video. Are you under surveillance with a camera this small it would be impossible to know that you are.

The worlds smallest camera

Trash Mail One Time Emails

This is a video that I created some time ago, sorry there is no audio, but, the video is worth watching